Zico: The Official Game

Zico: The Official Game is a sports game about Zico, a professional European football player, whose lists of achievements aren’t remotely close to my fields of interest, but you wouldn’t know it from the game that shows him as a complete asshole, setting up random junk on other people’s doorsteps and breaking it, hitting up car windows, and hanging his teammates’ T-shirts on the goal bars, kicking them with dirty football balls, as well. Although the game is interesting, it definitely paints its protagonist as some sort of street revolutionary, a title that’s as far from anything, concerning European football, as competent judges.

Zico: The Official Game is a shooting range game, but instead of gun, we have a football ball, and instead of range, we have random neighborhoods, filled with randomly placed junk. This junk is required to be sniped down with your presumably direct hits, although it’s probably going to be some time, before you finally realize a proper way of hitting the ball. There are many different levels, and game even has several different sets of rules, although they all can be described as “knock stuff down, before you run out of something”, “something” here being time or ball limits. To shoot the ball, you need to draw a path between it and your target. If you’re funky, you can also curve the ball by drawing a curved line, and get additional points at the end of the level. The more stuff you successfully knock down, the more stars you get. If you manage to get all three stars, you can up the ante by trying to complete the same level on silver and gold scores, with stricter limits. There aren’t too many levels, but each one is graphically different, and presents you with slightly different challenges, so the game definitely doesn’t look cheap. You can only unlock new levels by gaining a certain number of stars from the previous levels, and getting all three stars can get pretty challenging, but not really impossible, so it’s totally possible to complete the first map, without spending any of the coins you get for your progress. There are promised to be three different maps, over three different countries, but there’s only one available right now, although it’s quite enough for its price. Coins can be collected to purchase an unlock that makes it easier to aim the ball, or to purchase new balls, for the hell of it.

Zico: The Official Game isn’t particularly innovative, but it’s a solid game, with sufficient physical and graphic engine, providing you with enough challenges and an exciting gameplay, for all the fans of soccer, even those who still can’t remember, who the hell Zico is.

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