Iron Man 3 – The Official Game

So, Iron Man 3 has hit the theatres and while it wasn’t a massive flop, it certainly wasn’t as grand as the producers probably thought it would be. Robert Downey Jr. is great and all, but he isn’t quite able to lift a whole movie by himself, doesn’t he? Well, we’ll leave the movie critique for movie critics, and while they dismantle it, let’s take a look at Iron Man 3 – The Official Game. It’s, on the contrary, a pretty decent game that would certainly be a lot better, if it actually featured Robert Downey Jr. And I’m not kidding – sure, I didn’t expect him to voice anything, in here – although it certainly would elevate this game far beyond being a mediocre tie-in – but there’s not anything, remotely reminding of him! I mean, even Tony Stark’s portrait looks not nearly like him. I’m not being shallow, here – of course, they shouldn’t really strive to make it a playable Iron Man 3, the movie, but hot damn. Pretty much, 50-60 % of Iron Man’s popularity with the movie audience comes from the fact that he is played by Robert Downey Jr., who is, basically, Tony Stark in real life, but without the glowing anti heart attack machine. Stripping the Iron Man of his face and mannerisms, you’re left with some bearded guy in a suit of armour, who is not likely to be interesting to people, outside of the hardcore fans. In any case, although it’s really strange that “The Official Game” doesn’t really have much to do with the movie, it’s still an exciting and smooth game. To say the truth, it’s less because of some sort of unique findings or mechanics of the game, and more because of how smoothly the whole Iron Man thing is fitting into an infinite runner.

Of course, the game is an infinite runner. It’s not a bad one, but not a surprisingly interesting one, as well. I’d say that the expensive graphics and the grand choice of suits, available for purchase, are the most exciting thing in it. You fly around several infinite levels, evading the scenery and blasting your enemies away, getting points for all this and upgrading your suits, to do even more of this. The controls are quite simple, and it’s actually a nice thing. You need to tilt your device to the right or left, or press the left/right buttons, in order to evade the obstacles and collect the points that serve as money, as well as a couple of power-ups, popping up here and there. What’s somewhat unusual is that instead of “tries”, you have an actual health bar that gets depleted, if you run into something. Battling enemies is quite simple, as well. You need to swipe the screen with your finger, so that Tony would shoot his lasers along its path, or touch it, so he would shoot at it. The suits become unlocked as you get experience and reach new levels, and differ in manoeuvrability, health and blasting power. You can also spend your credits to upgrade each one of those characteristics of a given suit, in order to improve your chances in the field. Of course, it’s a free-to-play game, so it has some slight annoyances – but I want to note that it’s more than liberal with your gameplay. Purchasing, upgrading and repairing your suits after battle takes time, sometimes quite a lot of it, and there is an ISO-8 mineral, which lets you, skip this time and of course, obtainable only from the in-game store, but there is one simple thing that makes it almost unrequired and it’s the fact that you can keep several suits at once. So, if one of them gets busted, or is getting new upgrades, you can simply grab another one and head off.

Wrapping up, Iron Man 3 – The Official Game definitely gets a pass. Although it doesn’t feature Robert Downey Jr. and takes a crapload of space on your phone – and of course, a crapload of time to download – it’s an entertaining game, with really impressive graphics and a whole bunch of suits, for the most avid fans of the Iron Man.

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