Fangz HD

Fangz HD is a pretty decent game about an obese white office clerk, on his way to destroy heaps of highly aggressive vampires of all sorts and shapes. The game is exciting and filled with humour, ranged from somewhat tasteless and crude, to quite ingenious, although I can understand, if someone might be offended by it – I’m almost sure that the “rapper” vampires will suffer a redesign of sorts, for example. Regardless of your humour tastes, the game is undeniably good. It’s not really original, but it’s interesting, challenging and rewarding.

The story is somewhat hard to follow and frankly, it’s no use to try to. You are a lone man, on a path of justice, with nothing but a desire to kill monsters and a barrage of firearms, at his disposal. The game looks like a classic beat-em-up, but is actually more of a shooter. Fangz HD consists of two modes, with the same basic structure, the first mode being Campaign, where you need to go through the long levels, killing every vampire you meet, before the timer runs out. As you open the new levels, they also become available in the second mode, Survival. There, you get placed in the same level, but with an endless time and an endless supply of zombies, ready to feast on your delicious brain matter. As for the gameplay – it’s quite standard. You can run into all four directions, but can only attack to the left and right of you, using the weapons you’ve chosen before the level. You can upgrade these weapons and purchase the new ones between the missions, spending gold you earn from both game modes, mostly obtaining it from vampire corpses and completing missions. Most of the weapons require you to upgrade your stats, before you can use them, like speed that require brain matter that you get by levelling up. There are two types of weapons: ranged and melee, the first ones being generally more useful, but consuming ammo, and the second ones putting you at a somewhat greater risk, but giving you an ability to perform various combo attacks, as well as gain some sweet stat increases. The zombies themselves are quite unusual, both by design and by their attacks, which I’m not going to spoil here, but they are really quite fun. There are also boss fights at the end of each level in campaign mode, which makes this game even closer to the classic beat-em-ups.

In the end, Fangz HD is a simple, but exciting action. It has unusual graphics and great sound design and although it may be a bit too old-fashioned, its quality easily makes it really enjoyable.

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