Blackjack SG Free

Blackjack Super Good and Blackjack SG Free are finally here. Both games have just been released on the Google Play Store.

This is our first release as an independent developer. We came from a larger, well-known company, to try our hand in the Andriod market. Feedback on our product is welcome as we hope to continue on making games on our own.

Not another blackjack game you yell out at your screen! We all know the tricks they play on us. We start playing Blackjack and before you know it the game is asking you to purchase “chip packs” or to come back tomorrow when you will get a few more chips to continue on. However, you want to play now, not tomorrow. What can you do? We have your solution. We are not trying to trick you into buying chip packs. You get what you need here.

Both versions of this game have unlimited plays! When the game ends, just start another one. No coming back the next day, no waiting for the game to award you a few more bucks. You are in control of how much Blackjack you want in your life. Is this the end of chip packs in games? We hope so!

The game take place on a private table with your very own private dealer. You can bet up to three hands at a time, and that is also the recommended way to play. In fact, it’s the only way to get certain bonus points. There are 3 different tables with their own bet limits. However before you can venture off into the higher stakes, you will need to play Standard Mode (Career Mode) to unlock the 2 other tables.

The art style is going for a more Arcade/Video Game feel. Too many of the current Blackjack games feel like pre-installed pc versions of Blackjack. Not here. There is an animated dealer with some animated background elements that make you feel like you are really at the casino. We also hope you have a little more fun with it as well.
There are 2 modes of play to begin with, and one future mode promised.

The first mode is Practice Mode. This mode is provided for you to make big bets without having to worry about messing up your “standard” or “career mode” game saves. You bank values are not saved when you quit this mode which makes it very handy version to let your friends or kids play.

The next mode is “standard” mode. This is basically a career type game. Your BANK account is tracked and XP is earned on each hand. There is even special bonus XP giving for getting 3 winning hands at once. As you earn XP you rank up. This is used to unlock the newer tables or you can trade back some of your XP for some much-needed cash. The option to trade XP for cash only comes around every 15 or so turns, so you must plan ahead for it. Finally, you also earn bonus cash for hitting certain ranks.

High scores are tracked for “standard” mode. You will get a listed of your best five games from the past. At the bottom of the list will be your current game, telling you your peak bank account as well as how many hands you have played so far.

The final “Planned” mode is story mode. No information has been given out on what this mode might be. If Blackjack Super Good finds some fans, you can expect this mode to be coming in an upcoming update.

The sound is quite nice in this app and it appears some work has gone into it to make it come off so well. There is menu music and game music. If you prefer ,you can opt to change out the game music for some ambient casino noise. All the expect sound adjustments are also included in the options section. Overall some nice work.
There have been two released versions of this app on the Google Play Store for Android.

The full version, which is titled “Blackjack Super Good” is ad-free and has a closer-in camera. It also has an additional camera adjustment in the options section that allows the camera to be pulled out a little further than normal.

The free app features ADS on the top of the screen. As a result some button elements have been moved around as well as the camera to make everything fit. An additional camera adjustment in the options has been disabled as well. We expect most people will opt for this version of the game as its free and there are a ton of other blackjack games out there. We hope that a combination of the ads and fans who opt for the full version will encourage future features to be added.

It’s not currently easy to find our game via Google Play by searching for it by name. We are looking into this, or at least trying to. For now we recommend that you search for our company name “Supergoodpixel” to find them.

Price: Free

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